Sojourns Merchants


Find a selection of Sojourns Postcards at these fine retailers.



  • Perry’s Parcel



  • Home Arts
  • Sea+Green
  • Stash Local Goods
  • Terracotta Home and Garden


Paso Robles

  • Paso Robles Antiques & Vintage
  • Sealed with a Kiss
  • The Spa Central Coast


Ragged Point

  • Lumiere Gift Shop


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Find Sojourns Book at these booksellers.


Arroyo Grande

  • Ron’s Nursery



  • Russo’s Books


Big Sur

  • The Phoenix Shop at Nepenthe



  • River House Books at The Crossroads



  • Cambria Nursery
  • Cambria Nursery Downtown
  • Ebb & Flow
  • Home Arts
  • Ocean Heir
  • Robin’s
  • Sea+Green
  • Terracotta Home and Garden


Los Olivos

  • The General Store


Morro Bay

  • Coalesce Bookstore
  • The Garden Gallery


Paso Robles

  • General Store Paso Robles
  • Paso Robles Antiques & Vintage


San Simeon

  • Hearst Castle Gift Shop


Santa Maria

  • Allan Hancock College Bookstore


Shell Beach

  • Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa



  • Barnes & Noble


The book is also available online at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Books, Archway Publishing Bookstore from Simon & Schuster, and other booksellers.

Jill Thayer with Sojourns postcards.
Jill Thayer with Sojourns postcards. Photo by Monica, co-owner of Stash Local Goods, Cambria

The author with Sojourns: 100 Trails of Enlightenment at William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach